Top 7 Best Balance Boards for Surfing | 2022 Reviews (Vew-Do)

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These days, having a strong core and good balance is an important part of staying healthy. That’s why so many people are jumping on the balance board wagon. There’s no better way to improve your balance and core strength than on a balance board. However, there are SO many different types, shapes and sizes on the market, most of which are far too complex.

We’ve tested out many balance boards and have picked out the 7 most essential, core-strengthening options available.

Check out our list to help you find the best one for your needs.

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board TrainerBest OverallURBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer
NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core TrainerBudget PickNALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer
INDO BOARD Pro Balance BoardUpgrade PickINDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

1. URBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Our rating: 9 / 10

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer

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  • Stylish design to appeal to longboards surfboarding, boarding and skateboard enthusiasts.
  • The solid wood construction ensures the long-lasting use.
  • The premium quality and ergonomic design provides the best experience. The longboard skateboard surfing fitness training balance board gives you the freedom to train anywhere.
  • The multi-purpose longboard allows you to train not only your balance, but also your flexibility and different muscle strengths.
  • Natural maple wood gives you a sleek, natural look. The dimensions of the board are 9 L x 30 W x 5 H inches. It weighs 4.3 pounds.


  • The board is rather lightweight which makes it less stable.
  • Some owners complained about "toxic smell" which was caused by improper out-gassing of the natural varnish. It's a hazardous chemical resin when inhaled, but it has been labeled in a safe variety for this particular board.
  • The wood scratches easily, so if you don't want to have wood grain's scratches on your board, you should probably not make nails on the board.
  • You have to balance yourself on the board in order to work out. Balancing makes you tired pretty soon. So, if the goal is just to get into physical form, it might not be the best investment.

Best for Balance…

2. NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer

Our rating: 9 / 10

NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer

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  • It comes with a polyester carry bag with its warranty registration card for easy transportation
  • Super easy to assemble and use
  • It is an inexpensive core trainer


  • It is fairly small in terms of the dimensions
  • It is made using a thin plastic, and the edges can be a little sharp

The NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer is a multifunctional balance board that was built in accordance with the specifications set by experts on the topic of fitness and exercise. This anti-slip indoor and outdoor balance board is made with Northern Red Oak, which is a material that doesn’t contain a lot of water and remains dry, in addition to being very strong and able to stand up to extreme weather conditions. The Red Oak also comes with a strong odor that the manufacturer says will fade over time.

The manufacturer built it with an anti-slip durable surface in order to make every step and every move more stable and secure. The other benefit you’ll gain from this board is the proper training of your core. It is made with high-density EVA padding, shock-proof EVA knee pad lines, totally flat legs, and four plastic caps for protection.

3. Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board

Our rating: 8 / 10

Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board

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  • Does not hinder the view of the rider while surfing
  • No more using your feet to keep your balance while surfing
  • Good for body balance and muscles
  • Great for physical therapy
  • It can be used with other sports like yoga and bicycling

With 2-3/8 thick EVA Deck, Highest Grade EVA, Non-Slip, 1 Year Warranty, 180 Day Return.

The Vew-Do is another one of the good surfing balance boards. It is a well-rounded product. However, it is mainly designed to be used by surfers. The balance board is made from high-quality material. The deck is quite sturdy, and it is 33 inches long. In addition, the product has a wide base that can have your feet and hands in place, giving you balance when paddling.

The Vew-Do comes with a training DVD to help learn you the basic techniques. It is also completely covered with a one year warranty. According to the users, the product is easy to setup and use. It also does not limit the view of the rider, and it is really good for surfing.

4. 4TH Core Balance Board

Our rating: 8 / 10

4TH Core Balance Board

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Balance Training Board for Weight Loss, Cycling, Yoga, Running Video.

The 4TH Core Balance Board For Exercise Training Board with roller is intended to do much more than just provide a good workout. It has been designed to help participants improve balance and coordination. With this in mind, the rebounder features a non-slip top to prevent slippage while standing on it. The non-slip top is surface is designed to improve traction. This will allow users to move more naturally while working out.

This balance board is a great way to improve your balance before trying out a surf or skateboard. It will help you to develop better timing.

5. INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

Our rating: 7 / 10

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

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  • Rubber traction pads remind the rider to focus on balance
  • Sled board made to withstand repeated use
  • Item is shipped factory-direct to your home for quality control
  • Well-made and well packaged


  • The packaging may be a bit heavy for some, especially in areas where shipping cost is expensive
  • Takes some time to get used to riding the indo board
  • Most variations are expensive compared to other items of similar quality

Indo Board Pro is perfect for surfers, snowboarders, paddle boarders, fitness, running or anyone who wants an out-of-the-box workout. This board is the best balance board for surfing. It has high traction rubber pads for improving balance and safety, making it ideal for seniors and people with balance issues.

The Pro-version comes with roller wheels that enable your indo board to move more smoothly. It has a larger and longer deck that’s ideal for tall riders. This board is only 4.5 pounds and it comes with a one year warranty.

6. Vew-Do WODFitters El Dorado Balance Board

Our rating: 5 / 10

Vew-Do WODFitters El Dorado Balance Board

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  • Built-in foot straps give a secure footing and allow for easy portability
  • Underside of the board features an anti-slip material which helps to prevent slipping
  • Exclusive 11-in-1 grip tape helps to give you a better grip

The Vew-Do WODFitters El Dorado Balance Board is pleased to receive 4.2 stars out of 5 from 143 reviews. Customers find it to be an excellent purchase for newcomers in the board sport because its multi-grip design allows it to be used in a number of different styles. This board also has a strong base which is noted as being hard to tip over by customers.

The handles allow for a close grip and a wider grip which is useful for learning different variations of quarter and half pikes and different grab styles. There are also two additional handles to steady yourself with.

Able to be used in the garden, inside the house or at the beach, this board is convenient and portable. Customers also find it to be easy to store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are balance boards good for surfing?

Yes! Balance boards are great for learning to surf and improving surfing skills. They teach you balance and coordination skills that are critical for surfing. If you’re starting to surf, a balance board is a good investment. If you’re already surfing and struggling with some aspect of the sport, a balance board can help you learn to stand up on the board correctly, ride the line better, or master some other move.

Are balance boards worth it?

The fluid, gentle motions of surfing generate a sense of calm. The opportunity to be out in nature while doing the sport of surfing is something traditional surfers might feel is missing, and a balance board can fill that void. Balance boards for surfing offer a chance for a different experience for surfing that might be different from a traditional surfboard.

Many balance boards for surfing are designed to look like a surfboard, with the board featuring a raised nose and tail section and a curved top deck. Many sets come with a carrying bag, so the board can be stored away easily.

A balance board might be difficult to use for some surfers, depending on their level of experience and physical strength. Balance boards must be balanced, and a user will need to have balance if the surfer wants to stay upright while riding the board. A balance board is different than a paddleboard.

Are wobble boards any good?

Due to the fact that it is a low impact physical activity, wobble boards are a great choice for inactive or injured individuals. A balance board cannot cause a lot of stress on the joints because you’re not putting a lot of pressure onto the board when you balance. Even a peaceful place, it is always a good choice to consider.

Are balance boards good for core strength?

It’s true. Many balance board exercise boards come with a fitness video. And the core exercise programs are mostly focused on strengthening the core. It’s no coincidence that most balance boards are designed to functionally mimic surfing. This is because surfing demands strong core strength. And balance boards strengthen your core in a similar way. Therefore, it’s not surprising that both training techniques have been used successfully for decades.


Board balance games have evolved along with the latest technology, and they are a form of entertainment, fitness, and exercise that go back thousands of years. Balance boards are no longer used for games alone, and now they can be used for exercise on the other hand. The best balance board for you will be fun, easy to use, and effective at building the strength you need to make it through the day. We’ve spent hundreds of hours studying, analyzing, and testing balance boards to find the stand out winners.

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URBNFit Wooden Balance Board TrainerBest OverallURBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer
NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core TrainerBudget PickNALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer
INDO BOARD Pro Balance BoardUpgrade PickINDO BOARD Pro Balance Board