Top 4 Best Carbon Fiber Surfboards | 2022 Reviews + Guide

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Looking for the best non-plastic surfboard can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re not quite sure what to look for. These days, surfboards are made of several different materials and a few different shapes, depending on different factors. The materials, the shape, and your level of expertise are all factors to consider when making this purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of the best carbon fiber surfboards out there for 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are NSP surfboards any good?

NSP surfboards are some of the leading carbon fiber surfboards on the market today. They offer a variety of styles, from beginner boards for new surfers, to more advanced boards for professional surfers and skateboarders.

If you’ve never tried a carbon fiber surfboard before, we highly recommend giving them a go. Carbon fiber surfboards are lighter and more responsive than any other type of board, making them an excellent choice for riding waves and learning new tricks.

Two of the main reasons that we love NSP surfboards is because of their durability and price. Their packages come with everything you need to get started, including an awesome unbreakable fin and NSP soft top.

What are the best surfboards?

A few important considerations to make when learning about the best surfboards are things like the type of surfing you’d be doing, the size of the board, the number of people who would be riding it, and the conditions.

Surfing Types:

There are many types of surfboards, from shortboards, longboards, fish tail boards, but each type has its own unique purpose.

Longboards and Shortboards: The length of the board and the width are what determine the purpose of this type of board. Longboards are the oldest and most traditional kind of surfboard and measure at least 9”4” up to about 13”. This is the type that you would expect to see riding perfect waves at a place like Waimea Bay in Oahu. As longboards are longer, their narrower profile will cut down on air resistance.

How thick should my surfboard be?

The thickness of a surfboard will depend on your weight and skill level. If you are a heavier person or an experienced surfer, you should go for a thicker board. A thicker board will be more durable and stable. But if you’re a lightweight or a beginner, a thinner board will be better for you. Thinner boards will be more flexible and easier to maneuver.

What is the best soft top surfboard?

If you use your board in the ocean, or any place with lots of rocks, sand, or other sharp stuff, you’ll want a soft top. Soft tops are generally easier to carry, and you can even walk on them if you have to make your way from the shore to your car. Look for a soft top that has durable material. It’ll last longer, and you’ll be able to invest in a single surfboard rather than needing to replace your top every season.


The best carbon fiber surfboards do just exactly what you want and can't afford to do: catch waves. Yes, depending on your skill level it could take a few tries for you to finally "catch that wave." But as soon as you do, you will have the ride of your life. And not to mention that once you catch that wave, and you are on that board, you will be able to ride it effortlessly. Hence, the name carbon fiber surfboards.

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