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As an avid kayaker, I’ve owned many different models of hard shell kayaks over the years but I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try.

Kayaks are just so versatile that you can pretty much use them anywhere that you want to. No matter if you’re enjoying a relaxing paddle on the lake, getting up close to nature in a marsh or bayou, or even fishing on a big river, a kayak can suit your needs.

And since I’ve been kayaking for a while now, I’ve had the chance to try out dozens of different brands of kayaks to determine which brand and type are the best. I’ve whittled it down to the top six picks below.

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105Best OverallWilderness Systems Aspire 105

1. Wilderness Systems Aspire 105

Our rating: 9 / 10

Wilderness Systems Aspire 105

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  • Ideal for families with kids
  • Affordable for all age groups
  • Maneuverability is great for occasional kayakers and beginners alike
  • Molded seat is comfortable and easy to adjust
  • AirPro seating is really comfortable
  • Skeg is easy to adjust while on the water
  • Roomy cockpit is easy to get in and out
  • Side handles are helpful for getting in and out of the kayak
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tracking is reliable


  • The seat can be uncomfortable for longer excursions
  • Not great for touring
  • The boat is heavy, at 64.8 lbs
  • The cockpit can fill up with water when you're paddling hard
  • The boat is tippy for those that are not used to kayaking

2. Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak

Our rating: 7 / 10

Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak

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  • sturdy
  • comes with five mounting points for gear add-ons
  • affordable
  • stable
  • lots of storage
  • lumen lights


  • prone to leaking
  • light
  • uncomfortable seat
  • difficult to paddle with a lot of weight
  • doesn’t come with thigh straps

This is a very good kayak for the price. With Dagger, you have a name that is known for its high quality kayaks.

Features the Dagger Zydeco 9.0 kayak is a lightweight model that works well for both beginning kayakers and experienced paddlers. Features a lightweight frame and durable material.

The Zydeco 9.0 comes with a comfortable seat, so you can stay in place as you paddle.

3. Dagger Mamba 8.6

Our rating: 6 / 10

Dagger Mamba 8.6

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  • · Can be used in small or large rivers · Stable and easy to maneuver · Easily adapts to different paddling styles · Strong and durable · Tracks straight even in rough water · Lightweight and ultra maneuverable

The Dagger Mamba 8.6 is a good kayak suitable for whitewater runs and bigger water than what you will find in recreational paddling. This kayak features a wide and deep cockpit for more support and comfort. Plus, you can climb in and out easily thanks to the drop down skeg.

The Mamba 8.6 has been designed for more than just performance. It can be used both by beginners and more experienced kayakers.

The Dagger Mamba 8.6 Inflatable kayak is spacious, lightweight, and comes with an inflatable spray skirt. It features an inflatable keel fin and thigh braces for easy maneuvering on all kinds of water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best crossover kayak?

As the name suggests, crossover kayaks are for kayakers looking for a second boat. Crossovers can be used for a variety of purposes, including fishing, recreational paddling, and touring. You can also use this boat for the surf, which makes it well-suited for beginners and experts, alike.

Are Dagger Kayaks any good?

Dagger Kayaks have been around for a long time and have received a lot of positive reviews over the years. They are known for making some really good Kayaks.The Dagger Aruba 10.0 Kayak is one of the best Kayaks on the market, in my opinion. It is a simple design, but performs incredibly well and it is the best on the market in price vs. performance.

What you will like about the Dagger Aruba 10.0 Kayak:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Enough room for the bare essentials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good performance
  • 3 year warranty offered

What you may not like about the Dagger Aruba 10.0 Kayak:

  • Only 12 lbs
  • Start to finish assembly takes a while

What are the top rated kayaks?

{1}. Dagger Palisade 10
{2}. Dagger Zydeco 11.5
{3}. Dagger Zydeco 13.5
{4}. Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro 13.5
{5}. Ocean Kayak Frenzy
{6}. Old Town Vapor

What type of kayak is the most stable?

This depends on where and how you will be using your kayak. Generally speaking, Sit-in kayaks are among the most stable models of kayak, and tend to cost a little bit more. Sit-on-Top kayaks are a great alternative to sit-in kayaks and are usually a lot less expensive.


The transition from beginner to intermediate paddler can be a particularly challenging one.

The challenges that face an experienced recreational kayaker when moving from a single kayak to a pair of kayaks are know as crossover skills.

A Crossover canoe or kayak will be a great purchase for anyone that is concerned with this tough movement. The Crossover kayak will help you master this difficult physical and emotional adjustment while enjoying the satisfaction of a skill well mastered.

The reviews below will help you choose the best crossover kayak, so look through them carefully.

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Wilderness Systems Aspire 105Best OverallWilderness Systems Aspire 105