Top 8 Best Foil Surfboards | 2022 Reviews (Slingshot)

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Foil surfboards are best known for being one of the most exhilarating of all the new additions to the surfing world. You get down to the wave at a fast speed, hoping that your muscles are firing perfectly to ensure the best possible ride; there is no time for hesitation!

You only have a termlength of three seconds, so you have to go in with a winning throw. The idea of the sport is to catch the curl of the wave before it breaks, and make it to the bottom. You see, the foil is designed to catch the wave right at the crest, giving you the highest possible speed to whip your board down the wave.

There are a few different Foils on the market but these 8 in our review are some of the best sellers. They are sturdy and durable for to a range of weight, have more advanced features than many others and of course, they’re all an awesome fun.

Slingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil BoardBest OverallSlingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil Board

1. Slingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil Board

Our rating: 9 / 10

Slingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil Board

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  • · Fun in an inflatable board
  • · Durable and smooth foil design
  • · Good quality and easy to assemble
  • · You can get anywhere up to 20 miles out of a single battery charge
  • · Minimalistic and lightweight design
  • · Comes with a great travel case
  • · Great value for money
  • · Suitable for beginners


  • · Not the easiest board to learn how to operate
  • · The steering could be better
  • · It takes a while to learn how to ride
  • · More difficult to control than a standard short board
  • What reviewers liked

This is a board for your more adventurous surfers.

The noise factor is the first thing that most reviewers mentioned playing a big part in what they loved about this board. The boards glide silently through the water and across the waves. Unlike standard shortboards, you do not need to wait until the wave is at its peak to ride it. You can ride a softer wave and still get good speed.

With full 360 degree rotation and great maneuverability, this board is great for beginners or experts trying to perfect a new maneuver. It is also suitable for rough water riding and can be a lot of fun when it catches a wave that is providing a challenge.


Foil surfboards are very similar to the paddleboard. A lot of people find them much easier to learn. They offer a lot of room for the whole family and have a lot of space to carry different items.

Paddleboards are made of three parts but foil surfboards are made of two. The quality of the boards you can find is top-notch.

They are very stable and easy to ride at very high speeds. Just like paddleboards, they can be used by a beginner or someone who is a little more advanced.

The cost of a foil surfboard is quite low considering its quality and the great experience that you can get when riding.

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Slingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil BoardBest OverallSlingshot Sports High Roller Surf Foil Board