Top 7 Best Gun Surfboards | 2022 Reviews (Haydenshapes)

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As global warming takes its toll, more and more places experience beach erosion and resource depletion. Not many realise the effect that years of extreme weather have had on beaches. For years, many people have been fighting beach erosion with sandbags and barricades, but for those living on the coastline of the world, there are better alternatives to try.


"I heard you can use a surfboard to carry a gun onto a plane? I want something that is reliable and safe."

If you heard this conversation, then you've heard of the Hayden surfboard gun case. No doubt you've seen the news coverage of how a surfboard can carry a fully-stocked Uzi submachine gun.

By all accounts and reports, you probably wouldn't know anything was different with this surfboard as you walked into the airport. All of the TSA inspectors that we've talked to have no problem with airport carry on security using a surfboard gun case.

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