Top 6 Best Hybrid Surfboards | 2022 Reviews (South Bay Board)

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If you’re a beginner surfer and you want a board that is easy to ride, or you’re an experienced surfer that wants to take your skills to the next level by learning new tricks, then a hybrid surfboard might be the perfect choice for you.

A hybrid board is perfect for beginner surfers because it is strong and stable. It can also be used by surfers that want to learn advanced tricks because it allows you to catch waves more consistently.

For these reasons, in addition to offering more versatility, hybrid surfboards are perfect for surfers of all skill levels and abilities that want a board that they can use for different situations.

If you’re a beginner surfer and you’re looking for a high quality board that doesn’t cost a lot of money, a hybrid surfboard is the perfect choice for you.

Hybrid SurfboardBest OverallHybrid Surfboard
KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 SurfboardBudget PickKONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard
Premium SurfboardsUpgrade PickPremium Surfboards

1. Hybrid Surfboard

Our rating: 9 / 10

Hybrid Surfboard

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  • Perfect hybrid shape with rocker, raked nose and pin tail for ultra smooth performance in critical surf.
  • Durable polyester gloss skin with fiberglass reinforced foam core for strength, comfort, and reduced weight.
  • Mats- urethane top deck gives a durable, clean, and consistent surface, so you can concentrate on riding.
  • Interchangeable FCSII fins and FinBoxes allow you to upgrade as you develop your skills, and gives you optimal maneuverability.
  • 8-ply reinforced glass bottom deck provides ideal strength and board feel.
  • 7 layers of process fiberglass resin in deck for extra durability.
  • 36° point rail concave with 1" centered fiberglass stringer to strengthen the board and deliver the control you need to cut back and relaunch from the white wash.
  • Great standup paddle board for beginners.
  • Ideal for waves from 2'-12' on the nose and 2'-4' on the tail.
  • Molded-in fin key pocket.


  • Handmade, so there are slight imperfections in the construction and finish.

2. Premium Surfboards

Our rating: 8 / 10

Premium Surfboards

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  • Each surfboard has its own pros and cons, and its great to have a brand name with multiple board options.
  • Great combination of the soft top, foam, and flex of a traditional surfboard and the durability, lightness, and better ride of a foam board.
  • With boards for kids AND adults, great for the whole family
  • With each board measuring 7', 8', and 8.8' it's a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of body types
  • Very portable, with built-in carrying strap.
  • The boards are available in a wide variety of colors
  • With multiple board shapes, you'll see a slightly different shape of board for your intended use.
  • Surprisingly lightweight and quick even with the soft top.


  • The top material is only "soft" and not truly soft which could be a problem for some people.

Overall, this is a great set of boards for anyone who is looking for an excellent fusion between soft top and foam board types and wants to be able to have one board for both kids AND adults. With the different shapes you can use the smaller sizes on kids and the larger sizes on adults for a truly versatile set of boards.

3. South Bay Board Co.

Our rating: 7 / 10

South Bay Board Co.

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  • Designed for everyone, from beginners to advanced surfers
  • Will transition extremely well to a smaller wave paddle board, for those who wish to do so
  • Will generally take less room to store than an alumi or fiberglass board
  • Really a good feeling board with a great motion transition
  • Very easy to paddle and very responsive
  • Looks great


  • Wax-free soft top and fiberglassed bottom make them very sensitive to paddleboard waxes or cleaning pads.
  • Because of the fibreglass bottom it's hard to make the rail area perfect so you will notice some warping.
  • Lower quality materials than the R1, Quantum, or K1 boards.
  • Most of the cons are meant to make sure that this is understood as being at a lower price point than the R1, Quantum, and K1 Hybrid Surfboards.

The South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboards are a great example of a well designed, well tested, quality designed hybrid surfboard.

The top deck is made of a high quality, wax-free soft top material and the bottom deck is made of fiberglass which makes it able to withstand the "bumps and bruises" that you would expect from surfing.

4. KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard

Our rating: 7 / 10

KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard

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  • Soft construction makes it ideal for young surfers
  • Doesn’t require additional accessories
  • Fins are included and are made from silicone
  • Doesn’t break as easily as other soft boards
  • Made from foam which is safer for beginner surfers
  • Strong enough for heavier surf
  • It’s affordable


  • Parts may arrive damaged
  • Even though soft, it’s still pretty heavy
  • Cleansing the board may be a hassle
  • The fin box may warp the board’s shape

This is the perfect soft board for beginners as it won’t break easily like other soft boards.

The fins are especially designed from silicone material to give your swimming a smoother ride.

The soft construction of this board is perfect for younger surfers as their falling off and hitting the board won’t result in bruises and injuries.

5. NSP PROTECH EPOXY Hybrid Surfboard

Our rating: 6 / 10

NSP PROTECH EPOXY Hybrid Surfboard

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  • Punchy concave and double-deck wing
  • Fin configuration makes this a versatile construction
  • Durable due to the hybrid construction
  • Great choice if you like to surf a variety of conditions

| Lightweight & Durable | Perfect for Becoming an EXPERT SURFER! By South Bay Board

The NSP PROTECH EPOXY Hybrid Surfboard by South Bay Board is a versatile construction that will appeal to experienced surfers as well as beginners. It can be used in a range of conditions, and many surfers have rated it highly due to its performance. This is a well-constructed board that can handle a lot of hard use.

Experienced surfers will appreciate the construction of this board. It has a hybrid outline that allows you to set the rail on the low point of the wave or angle it back to catch a lot of punch, depending on what you prefer.

6. Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

Our rating: 4 / 10

Liquid Shredder FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

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  • Multi-functional
  • Extra durability and grip
  • Great for beginners
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Many different color choices
  • Very affordable price point
  • Waterproof deck pad
  • Perfect for travel
  • Compact design, with an EPS core and PE rail
  • Weighs just 8.1 lbs


  • Slight rocker means you have to put more into turns and pumping
  • One brand puts small dents into its boards

With a sharp but round nose, this board is a versatile performer for any level of surfer. A hybrid board is usually a soft/medium flexing board that balances the dynamic performance of a hardboard with the paddling and speed of a soft flexing board.

This board is packed with handy features, that add to the wide range of its functionality. The pre-formed deck pad is ready to use, right when you receive the board, and it will protect your feet when paddling out, while also improving traction when walking in.

In addition, the deck pad is waterproof, and can be cleaned with ease. The board sports a handy Velcro hand strap, which means you won’t have to carry it everywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are NSP surfboards any good?

The National Surfboard Company (NSP) has been making surfboards for 40 years. They’ve earned an outstanding reputation for superior skill and are highly regarded in the surfboard building community. Why? NSP is one of the few companies that still operates as a small, independent business. For instance, NSP only produces about 100 surfboards each year, which may seem like a low number. However, almost all other surfboard companies outsource their manufacturing to a different factory. In contrast, NSP employees are all local and they supply raw lumber, resin and fiberglass blanks straight from the source. Doing so ensures NSP retains complete control over production, materials and labor, while creating the highest quality surfboards possible.

What is the best material for a surfboard?

A surfboard can be a very personal thing, so you’ll find surfers who prefer different materials because they have a different feel or perform better in a certain environment. The most popular materials used in surfboards are glass, foam, and fiberglass.

Balsa Wood: Balsa is a lightweight, flexible wood used in making surfboards and other equipment in the surfing community. However, they are not a great option for anyone looking to ride powerful waves or surf in colder temperatures. They get brittle in cold water and the wood breaks easily. It also doesn’t hold up well against abrasive, salty water. It’s best for beginners and small, slow, clean waves.

Are Costco surfboards good?

Costco was one of the first to offer cheap high-quality surfboards over several decades ago when surf boards were considered a luxury. Selling them in the summer season has always been easier than fall, and thus they have had to sell them year after year. Still, the durability of the surfboard is not compromised.

Chegg has an article on one of Costco’s boards, and it is surprisingly well reviewed. They note that it is one of the most reliable boards for beginners and that it can be a good board for more advanced surfers as well.

The question is then asked, “Are Costco surfboards good?” The answer is yes, but everyone has different needs. Experienced surfers may need boards that are more responsive, which is why Costco may not be right for them. However, for beginners and intermediate surfers, the boards will work just fine.

Is a 6'6 surfboard good for a beginner?

A 6'6'' is a great option for a new or intermediate board rider. The beginning surfer can look at a board length right in that range, as well as something with a wide point near the nose. This is to help make sure that the board is easy to control for a new or intermediate surfer. It’s also a good time to start having your board customized in some way. The custom features can include things like your choice in color, fin, grip, and any other features to make sure that it fits your unique surfing needs. It’s also a great time to talk to your surf shop's board shapers about lengthen it, depending on your skill level. Consider that the more advanced you get and the more you want to tackle difficult waves, you may want to go with a longer board.


If you are thinking about upgrading your surfboard and getting a new, custom board, then consider a hybrid surfboard. This type of board is the fastest growing segment in the surfboard industry. It’s blending the best characteristics of two or more other types of boards to meet the needs and desires of many different surfers.

Hybrid boards are relatively new on the market with only a few products appearing in the last few years. This generation of hybrid surfboards is still relatively small, but it is growing rapidly in popularity.

If you are interested in this type of board, then you’re going to find the compare-and-contrast table helpful.

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Hybrid SurfboardBest OverallHybrid Surfboard
KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 SurfboardBudget PickKONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard
Premium SurfboardsUpgrade PickPremium Surfboards