Top 5 Best Kiteboards | 2022 Reviews (Thurso Surf, Slingshot)

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Until you’ve tried riding a kiteboard, you can’t know just how exhilarating the sport can be. It’s a brilliant combination of surfing, snowboarding, and hang gliding, and my experience has been that it’s meditative, exciting, and so much fun that it just blows your mind!

Kiteboards are a great way to improve your balance and coordination, even when you’re just a beginner. It helps you to learn to trust and to become more relaxed in the water.

The good news is that you don’t have to own a boat to ride a kiteboard. If there aren’t any beaches or sand bars nearby brimming with steady winds, you can always try setting up your kite board at a local park or school.

Here are our favorite 5 kite board models of 2019.

Progressive Boards Phish Freeride KiteboardBest OverallProgressive Boards Phish Freeride Kiteboard
Slingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf BoardBudget PickSlingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf Board

1. Progressive Boards Phish Freeride Kiteboard

Our rating: 9 / 10

Progressive Boards Phish Freeride Kiteboard

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This board is for the rider that is interested in progressing their freeride skills and is intermediate to advanced level. The freeRide still requires the rider to have pretty decent wave riding skills in order to spin quickly and rationally.

2. Cabrinha 2020 X Caliber Wood Twin Tip

Our rating: 6 / 10

Cabrinha 2020 X Caliber Wood Twin Tip

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  • Includes a great value for the price
  • Twin Tip fins are removable for potential live-bait applications
  • Smooth turning
  • Good traction
  • Solid entry and exit
  • Build Size, Width is ideal for surfing
  • Impressed with the overall build quality
  • Good for entry-level riders


  • Shorter nose on the board makes it harder to duck dive
  • Is a little too soft which makes start-up more difficult
  • Only designed for entry-level riders
  • Must slow down turns to prevent tip digging

The Cabrinha X Caliber is designed for entry-level riders, with minimal rocker providing stability, and two fins that can be changed based on the rider’s preferences. The fins can be attached at any point and the rail has a few holes for screw placement.

The Twin Tip fins are removable for potential live-bait applications. The carbon or wood fins are interchangeable, and the fins are positioned on the board using the stock R-clip mounting system. The edges are also rounded to minimize kicks and additional injuries.

3. Slingshot Sports 2020 Misfit Kiteboard

Our rating: 6 / 10

Slingshot Sports 2020 Misfit Kiteboard

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  • Great for beginner kite buggier riders
  • Great board for the price
  • Extra durable
  • Lightweight
  • Does not require much setup
  • Simple to use
  • Great for travel


  • Small, hard to use
  • Cannot go very fast
  • Not ideal for bigger riders who weigh 200 lbs and above
  • Kite does not hold up in wind in higher speeds

The Slingshot Sports Misfit Kiteboard gives you the power to experience the thrill and freedom of kitesurfing anywhere there is a natural source of energy. You can enjoy it either on land or in the water. It is quite easy to use, and if you are a beginner, it’s a lot easier to learn how to use it than others. It is the right choice for beginners because it is very easy to use and won’t test your skill and strength too much, but, at the same time, it’s perfect for intermediate users too. It’s also a good price and offers a lot of good things to users.

4. Slingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf Board

Our rating: 6 / 10

Slingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf Board

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  • This surfboard is suitable for beginners
  • the board has excellent carrying capacity
  • It also has a nice design
  • it contains carbon inserts at the nose and tail which help make it durable
  • it comes at a favorable price
  • It has a great design that helps separate water from the deck.


  • This board is wide, and a person can easily trip when using it.
  • Due to its clumsy shape, you will have a hard time maneuvering it through the water
  • it is quite heavy.

5. THURSO SURF Kiteboard 140X42 BLACK&BLUE

Our rating: 4 / 10


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  • Excellent value for money
  • Well-made
  • Very durable
  • Great for all types of riders
  • Very high quality product
  • Great customer service
  • High quality build
  • Adjusts to individual riding styles


  • Shipping issues occur from time to time
  • May not be ideal for tall riders

This best Kiteboard by Thurso Surf is great value for money. It can be carried by one person, easily taken in the car and can be stowed in a small space.

It is a great investment for beginners and pros too for people on a budget. It is stable and easy to use and maneuver, allowing for a great experience in the water. —————–

The board is made of foam and epoxy, which is thicker and heavier than kiteboards with fiberglass topsides, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Foam and epoxy boards tend to be more durable than fiberglass ones, they do not chip and they are less prone to breaking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best kitesurfing brand?

We found that Slingshot is one of the better brands that you can buy from. They are around for quite a long time and won lots of awards. We can attest to the quality products that they make. There is no doubt that a Slingshot kitesurfing board is going to be perfect in all elements.

SLINGSHOT Sports created KITESURFING 50 years ago, long before this sport became popular. SLINGSHOT makes Global Sports Kitesurfing Boards that are durable and strong and SLINGSHOT Kiteboarding Lessons will get you started.

The reason why we’ve made it to the top is because SLINGSHOT KITESURFING will let you experience the thrill of being in the sky on our Ultra-Durable and Best Selling H-TYPE BOARDS that are the best in the world.

We Design, Test and Develop Professional Models for Team Riders.

How do I choose a kiteboard?

As you may know, there are many kind of kiteboards sold in the market today. Therefore, picking the best kiteboard out of all of them may be a tricky task. However, if you know what things to consider, selecting the best kiteboard becomes much easier.

What is the best wind for kitesurfing?

Winds ranging from light to strong side shore winds make the most consistent surfs on the water. The steady side shore winds are ideal for beginners and experienced kitesurfers. When side shore winds are strong, waves start to form over the shallow sandy area behind the sandbar. This area of waves can be from few feet to more than 25 miles depending on the district. Under the right conditions, the conditions is suitable for surfing or riding ramps.

What size sup do I need?

The length of your board is a pretty important factor to consider. Long boards handle better in small surf and are more responsive. They also are a lot easier to learn on.

In contrast, short boards are easier to turn and control, meaning that they are great for more advanced surfers and for traveling quick in small waves.

You also cant go wrong with slightly bigger boards (in terms of volume). For instance, at the intermediate stage it might be smart to go for a 10-foot board or a slightly larger board. You will progress quicker with a somewhat bigger board which will allow you to improve and develop at a faster rate. Larger boards also give you more room for mistakes and this will better allow you to develop.

Ultimately, you should size your sup according to your level of experience, type of conditions that you are surfing in and your size.


Kiteboarding is a water sport where you use a large kite to surf the power of the wind. It looks really fun and if you have the space, the cost is pretty reasonable.

Kiteboarding has been one of the fastest growing watersports in recent times. The popularity surge has been driven by the fact that kiteboarding is now accessible to the masses thanks to affordable kiteboards and affordable kiteboarding lessons.

What are the 5 Best Kiteboards of 2022?

Kitesurfing is offered in a huge range of boards that are perfect for the beginner and the pro.

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Progressive Boards Phish Freeride KiteboardBest OverallProgressive Boards Phish Freeride Kiteboard
Slingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf BoardBudget PickSlingshot Sports 2020 SCI-Fly Kitesurf Board