Top 10 Best Slalom Water Skis | 2022 Reviews (O’Brien)

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If you’re tired of just speeding through the water and want a challenging colorful sport to get involved in, then slalom water skiing may just be the perfect thing for you.

It’s a fun-filled extreme water sport that is fast-paced, action-packed, and great for improving hand-eye coordination, balance, focus, and learning new skills.

However, there are a few things to know before you begin, such as your slalom ski length, the right speedsuit, boots, bindings, and the best way to use the techniques of crossovers, duck-unders, wrap-unders, and outside-edges.

For braver souls, there’s even slalom jumping, which involves jumping ski ramps with skis attached to your feet rather than just using a wakeboard.

Do you have what it takes to tackle this extreme water sport?

CWB Connelly Big Daddy WaterskiBest OverallCWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

1. CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

Our rating: 9 / 10

CWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski

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  • Comes with an adjustable arc arch frame
  • A pair of BONZ coil bindings with a reinforced footbed
  • The boots are made from a high-quality vinyl material
  • Great design
  • Very comfortable footbed padding

__Material: NYLON

__Width: 43cm

2. CWB Connelly HP Waterski 68"

Our rating: 8 / 10

CWB Connelly HP Waterski 68"

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  • Acceptable for all skill levels
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Stable during turns
  • Holds it shape well


  • Colors fade easily
  • The strength of the construction is average

Water skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. However, in order to enjoy the sport to its full extent, it is important to select the best water skis that match your skill level.

The CWB Connelly HP Waterski 68” comes with a beginner’s package that is reasonably priced for its features. The set includes a pantomine ski combo set in a package of step-in bindings and integrated wrap-around footstraps. The pantomine ski is the one that is worn by the skier when there is no heel strap. In addition, the pantomine ski comes with integrated ankle leashes, and its surface contains a medium texture.

With the above mentioned features, the pantomine ski has a maximum speed of 5.0 mph. This speed is ideal for beginners who are just learning to water ski. With this pantomine ski, beginners will be able to keep their balance while on the watercraft. It also makes it easy for them to get up on the watercraft.

3. HO Sports 2018 Carbon EVO Slalom Ski

Our rating: 7 / 10

HO Sports 2018 Carbon EVO Slalom Ski

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  • Handles tough rapids well
  • Very responsive to turns
  • Comfortable and provides a good fit
  • Very buoyant
  • Can go on choppy water with minimal effort

This slalom ski easily glides over harsh terrain and can hold up to strong currents. It is supplied with two sizes of fins to accommodate a wide range of water speeds. The added fin adjuster permits you to choose how much resistance you desire. The ski is designed to hold you in place slightly offshore.

4. 2016 HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski Blank

Our rating: 7 / 10

2016 HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski Blank

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  • Manufactured with 100% triple layered, unidirectional fiberglass composite
  • Had a polished surface that gives you a polished, leak-free finish
  • Comes with a smooth edge that will make it easy and comfortable to pull the ski off the water


  • Can be slippery if you don’t wax it
  • Logo scratches off easily

The HO Syndicate V-type R slalom ski is constructed from the finest composites from the top aerospace and boat manufacturers in the world. Using the latest resin and fiberglass technology, this ski is durable.

It features a double edged reinforced core that will give you extended service life. The shape of this ski contributes to an easy entry, quick water release, and smooth, efficient glide.

The HO Syndicate V-type R is sleek, lightweight, and incredibly strong. It comes in at about 155 pounds. The stainless steel perimeter rails make it rigid and easy to pull off the water. With its reinforced core, this ski can stand up to the elements.

5. CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom 2017 Blank Water Ski

Our rating: 6 / 10

CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom 2017 Blank Water Ski

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  • Designed with a smaller profile and lighter spinning action for tighter turns
  • Great for new water skiers

Keeping your kids safe is important so you want to make sure that you equip them with some of the best gear year after year. The Connelly Aspect Slalom Ski is the perfect example of a good slalom ski for kids.

The smaller profile, in combination with its narrower shape, will help your kids with the skate moves required to complete in slalom and other water ski competitions. For the younger generation, it is also a great water ski to use because of its light spinning action. Some of the current users of this water ski have cited that they use this product to help them teach the fundamentals of water skiing.

If you’re going to be using this ski mainly for slalom, then this could easily be the best slalom ski for you. In case you’re interested in also using this ski for barefooting and other fun tricks, you might want to look for other options. This is mainly because it doesn’t have as much pop as other water skis. Regardless, it’s a great tool for anyone in the early stages of learning how to water ski.

6. O'Brien Siege Slalom Waterski

Our rating: 6 / 10

O'Brien Siege Slalom Waterski

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  • The construction is very good
  • It is very easy to use and it feels very stable and sturdy while using it
  • It is definitely one of the best water skis out there
  • It is made from a premium and sturdy material
  • It is very solid and stable while on the water


  • It is quite expensive
  • Each water ski comes in its own box

7. Connelly 2020 Carbon V Slalom Waterski-67

Our rating: 4 / 10

Connelly 2020 Carbon V Slalom Waterski-67

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  • Features a new carbon and fiberglass construction to deliver an insane amount of speed and control during turns
  • Comes with a 3D fit footbed that ensures ultimate comfort wile you’re slaloming down the lake
  • This is an ideal skate ski for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Has a full, sporty deck flex to ensure you have a great experience


  • May feel heavy to novice skiers
  • It’s a little expensive for some skiers

If you’re looking for a high-quality ski with a competitive edge that can be used by expert slalom skiers, then this Connelly 2020 Carbon V Slalom Waterski isn’t a bad call. It’s got a high-performance build that will have you dominating the slopes in no time.

8. HO Sports 2019 Omni Water Skis 71 Inches

Our rating: 4 / 10

HO Sports 2019 Omni Water Skis 71 Inches

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  • Lightweight and quick turning for better usage
  • Ideal for family fun and recreational use
  • Takes on rough water conditions
  • Affordable for beginners


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The HO Sports Omni Water Skis feature a 102-centimeter long wood core for superior stability and agility, making it ideal for the whole family as it takes on rougher waters. This light-weight set can also navigate moderate waves with ease. Non-marking, yet durable rubber bottoms, self-lubricating ABEC 5 bearings to make them more responsive, and the ABEC 5 Pro-Tec’s offering a tighter tolerance that the industry standard for a better fit to the boot, also making them less susceptible to rust. These skis are one of the best in the market because they are affordable, versatile, and durable.

9. O'Brien Watersports 66-Inch Impulse Waterskis

Our rating: 3 / 10

O'Brien Watersports 66-Inch Impulse Waterskis

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  • Slalom racing waterski
  • It is lightweight for kids
  • The wide, forgiving surface will be easy to control
  • Good looking
  • As its name states, it comes with a wide surface, which will help beginners

As you can see, this product is a slalom racing waterski that was designed for kids with lightweight and narrow skis.

Like most waterskis, it is made with a durable plastic material that can handle wear and tear and be used for a long time.

The bindings will ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your feet.

10. HO Freeride Slalom Ski w/FreeMax/Adjustable Rear Toe Bindings

Our rating: 2 / 10

HO Freeride Slalom Ski w/FreeMax/Adjustable Rear Toe Bindings

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  • Very durable, yet affordable
  • Great for experienced riders.
  • The skis are sturdy and have great turning capabilities


  • The bindings do not support a wide range of sizes
  • The bindings are not very adjustable
  • The grip is not very comfortable

We really like the HO Freeride Slalom Ski w/FreeMax/Adjustable Rear Toe Bindings as it is versatile and is a great pick for intermediate to advanced skiers. This ski is known for its versatility and some of the great features it has.

It’s a great ski that can hold its own when it comes to the race track, but also makes a fun ski to take down the mountain on. It’s affordable yet very durable and stable.

In addition, it also comes in different sizes, making it a versatile choice with the ability to suit different kinds of riders. This is great for beginners as they can adjust the bindings to suit their size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes the best water skis?

No company has more history, commitment and performance in the water sport industry than O’Brien. The company was started in 1936 by a man named Frank O’Brien, who built a water ski in his basement from a wooden headboard, an inner tube, and an old bicycle wheel.

Today, O’Brien still makes top notch water skis with the decades of research and development in the field helping them to be at the head of their game.

O’Brien continues to expand on their impressive line of water skis including trick skis, teen skis, and all-around models. The company also manufactures custom lines that you can design through O’Brien’s Custom Lab system.

How can I improve my slalom water skier?

Having the best slalom water skis is only the first step of your journey to becoming a pro. The key to success is to practice as much as possible. Nothing will get you better than spending more time on the water. There are a few key things you can do to receive maximum benefit of your time.

First, make sure you have proper equipment. You don’t want to ruin your experience by having a boat that’s running slower than you’re used to, or the turn of your water skis slowing you down. Check the material of your water skis. Slalom skis are typically made of fiberglass, because other materials tend to be too thick and heavy. This can create drag when you’re on the water, which only slows you down. Practice slalom tricks like the ones you’ll see the pros do.

What size slalom ski should I buy?

The size of the slalom ski is very much relative to the size of the person using it. The ski should be at least as long as your height. While this is not an exact science, the majority of recreational slalom skiers are able to expertly control skis that are just under their height.

What length of water skis do I need?

A shorter ski will be easier to control for beginners. It will be less tippy and easier to turn. Some might even argue that the shorter ski is more stable. However, a longer ski can give you more speed and more range. As with all things, what is most comfortable for you is what will work best for you.


If you enjoy skiing, you’ll likely want to take a look at O’Brien water skis. Before you do, we’ve put together some information about what to keep in mind before you buy to help you decide if they are right for you.

If you want the best water skiing experience possible, it makes sense to choose the slalom water skis that have earned the most positive ratings. After looking at many of the different choices available, we’ve chosen to to pick O’Brien as the top-rated option.

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CWB Connelly Big Daddy WaterskiBest OverallCWB Connelly Big Daddy Waterski