Top 4 Best Step Up Surfboards | 2022 Reviews (7S, Chilli)

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For many of us, once we ride our first soft surfboard or short board for the first time, there’s no going back. However, it can be a little intimidating and challenging to get started riding a longboard.

What many people don’t realise, however, is if they start with a step up board, they can improve their skills and gain plenty of confidence before they move on to a full size longboard. The difference between a step up surfboard and a soft surfboard is mainly in length, size, and experience. For more details check this article.

Here are the best step up surfboards in 2019 that are worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big should my step up surfboard be?

This is a question that’s really dependent on the person because not all boards are created equal. Some boards will be better for smaller people while others will be better for larger people. Here are a few things to consider when deciding what size step up surfboard is best for you:

How much Experience do you have with Surfing? The larger your step up surfboard is, the more difficult it will be to balance. If you only have a little bit of experience with surfboards, it will be best to go with a smaller step up surfboard. Larger pieces of equipment need more energy to move around.

What size is your current surfboard? Larger boards are harder to balance on and will be harder to ride on for the first time as well. You may want to stick with your current board size until you are more confident, and then move to a larger board.

What should I look for in a step up surfboard?

First and foremost, the board needs to be composed of high end, durable material that’s sturdy and able to withstand the punishment of the ocean as well as dampness of the sand. One of the reasons that I recommend stepping up to a larger, heavier board is because it will be able to withstand the wear and tear and size that you will put it through. Strong decks are also important because they promote the ability to stand on the board and not have it break in half! One of the biggest mistakes people make with a new board is screwing on the fins too tight. The board can be permanently damaged if you screw them on too tightly.

What size/foam thickness to consider when picking up your next surfboard?

What are the best surfboards?

For beginners, there’s an overwhelming amount of options! How do you know which surfboards are good quality and which ones aren’t worth the money? Which material is the best? And what size board should you choose?

To answer all your questions, we have put together a list of the 4 best beginner surfboards.

What is the best surfboard for intermediate?

If you are a serious wave rider and are ready to upgrade your beginner board, this list of best surfboards for intermediate will help you pick out a solid board that will enhance your surfing skills instantly.

By getting down and dirty with the right intermediate board, you will be able to navigate through waves more easily and precisely, increase your paddling speed in the water and don’t have to worry about the board washing out from under you.


One of the main things that we look for when searching for a new set of step up surfboards is the quality of the materials that is used for the construction of the board. We are not really looking for a lot of style or personality, we are looking for something that is going to provide us with the smooth ride that surfer's desire. That's what will get you out of the water and looking for your next session in no time.

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