Top 11 Best Surf Brands | 2022 Reviews (Quiksilver, RVCA)

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Wow! You’re going to be blown away by this lineup!

That’s because of the awesome surf gear you’re about to discover below.

There are a total of 92 items in this epic surf brand roundup. That means there are over 11,500 reviews on some of the most popular surf brands in the world. If you’re shopping for a new pair of surf trunks, surf board, wetsuit, skateboard, or beach towel, you’ll find something below that’s just perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best surf brand?

Unfortunately we could not find a conclusive answer to what is the best surf brand! There are just so many great surf brands out there, that it is almost too difficult to choose. Generally, most of the leading surf brands have similar product quality, and price points while the main differences often seem to be focused on fit and cut, as well as speciality items such as boardshorts.

This ultimately seems to be the case!

In their article Lazyweb: Surf Brands, Derek Daly-Childs wrote, in reply to the question of what the top 3 surf brands are, that he thought Quiksilver was definitely one of them, and that, “Vans and Jack Johnson are probably the two most common.

Surfers seem to love Quiksilver apparel. They tend to be on the forefront of surf fashion, and their products are well made and reasonably priced.

What is the biggest surf brand?

When it comes to the best "surf brands," Quiksilver is the top-rated surf brand for men and women. Its owner, Quiksilver, Inc. is the world's third largest manufacturer of surfwear, and dominates the retail market with its numerous stores and online, global presence. Quiksilver goes beyond the sport of surfing and has also started a skateboarding and snowboarding division of the company.

Founded in Australia in 1969 by Doug Palladini, the company cataloged surf stockings as a way to make a little extra money on the side. By the next decade, the company was officially named Quiksilver and owned a variety of retail locations throughout Sydney. As popularity of the sport took off, the company found new ways to expand their reach and capitalize on their ample resources. Today, the highly reputable company sells surf apparel, sandals, swimwear, snowboarding gear, active wear, and so much more.

What are the best boardshorts?

There’s a wide range of board shorts to choose from, but all 12 board short styles listed here have a number of important attributes or features that give them an advantage. If you’re not sure what to get (or how to find the best option), then read on. We’ve done the research and found a couple of the most popular and highly rated options.

Which surf brands are Australian?

In an industry that’s dominated by American, European and Japanese brands, there are few surf brands that are actually Australian. Quiksilver and Billabong, two of the biggest brands in the world, are Australian. However, whether these brands are made in Australia is less certain.

If you’re looking for an Australian surf brand, choose one that’s made right here in Australia. Pacific Sunwear is an Australian surf brand that’s committed to manufacturing its surf wear within our shores. The brand’s made from a cotton blend, which means it’s tough without excess weight, and its comfortable and breathable too. Aussie brands like these, established in Australia since 2000, continue to pick up steam with Australian surfers, and online shoppers too.


When picking the right brand of surfboards for you, you really need to look at a few different things. The first is your anticipated skill level. Do you want a board that will grow with you as you progress in skill level, or are you planning on staying with your first surfboard for a lifetime? The other important part to take into consideration is what type of waves you’re planning on surfing.

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