Top 35 Best Surfers of All Time | 2022 Ranks + Guide

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When it comes to surfing, it doesn’t matter what your walk of life is or where you come from, you can enjoy the instant relaxation this sport provides.

How many times have you glanced out at the ocean and watched a surfer silently gliding past the break, completely in tune with their environment?

If you’re looking for a new sport to get into, or enjoy surfing already, this section of the report is for you!

You may not be good enough to catch a memorable wave yet, but when the time comes, you’ll be ready. I’ve brought together a list of the top 35 best surfers in the world in 2022 based on the following criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the greatest surfer of all time?

This is the question that has kept surfers wondering since the heady days of the 60’s and continues to do so today. There are plenty of contenders for the title of Greatest surfer ever. Few of them have reached the top of the world rankings, and have dominated their competition.

As the sport began in Australia it's no surprise that many of the greatest surfers come from this region. Shorebreak was invented in Australia as well as the now famous surfboard, the flat head bottom of the surfboard. The beach that raised the most of these surf stars is Cocos Beach. This beach is known for its powerful left-breaking waves.

Who is the best surfer in the world 2022?

We take pride in our spot in the biosphere so here are the best 15 surfers who’ve all shaped surf culture in their own way. In no certain order:


Below will give you an idea about the best surfers out there. Just look at the list of the best surfers below, and you will get to know more things about his or her ability and more.

Who is the best female surfer in the world?

In this list you will find all the best female surfers, their rank and positions, their vital stats, where they live and much more. If you like to know all about the professional female surfers, this is your best surfing reference add.

In addition, you can read the article that explains why the water sport has grown so much in recent years.

Who is the best surfer in the world 2019?

World surf rankings are meant to determine the best overall surfers in the world based on a number of criteria. This range of criteria includes competitions, media attention, sponsorships, sales, and other forms of revenue earned from competitions and sponsorships. This criteria lists the top five highest-ranked male surfers in the world, including their rank in terms of best waves, social media, sponsorship and other rankings.


Do you want to get on your board and ride a few waves?

Do you dream about traveling to some of the best surfing beaches in the world?

Do you want to keep up on the best surfers of all time and how they are doing in the world of surfing?

No matter how brand new you are to surfing, or how experienced it’s our goal to give you an overview of surfing. A place where you can develop your knowledge base of surfing while learning how to get started and where you want to end up. Whether that’s standing in the line up at Venice Beach, on the West coast of the USA, or someplace exotic in the South Pacific.

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