Top 10 Best Wakeskates | 2022 Reviews (Ronix, Hyperlite)

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Wakeskating has become huge over the past decade and you can’t have a pool party anymore without somebody bringing out their wakeskate.

But what is wakeskating exactly, and do you need a wakeskate to participate?

In this article we’re going to cover everything you need to know about wakeskating from how it started, the different types of riders that wakeskating appeals to — Intro, Beginner, Advanced, and Pro — and we’ll also teach you the fundamentals of wakeskating.

By the end of this article, you’ll be the wiser and able to grab yourself a wakeskate that will thrill you for years to come.

ZUP YouGo BoardBest OverallZUP YouGo Board
Connelly 2019 Pure WakeboardBudget PickConnelly 2019 Pure Wakeboard

1. ZUP YouGo Board

Our rating: 9 / 10

ZUP YouGo Board

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ZUP combines a wakeboard, kneeboard, wake surf, and wakeskate all into one and does it with style and elegance. It gives you the ability to improve your skills as you progress. With one board, you can advance to a higher level wake rider from any of your previous degrees. With the board’s flex, you get added comfort so it feels more like you’re on water and you can go from flat water to smooth wakeboarding and land at your feet.

It is easy to use and offers durability with its hand finished top. It has a hand crafted top rated in the 20s in its flex rating. It offers 20% more stiffness than other wakeboards and has a wake surfing rating so, you can spend the day wake boarding.

This is a great board for having fun with friends and family and is a good way to get the kids out of the house. It’s great for all ages. It’s ideal for the beginner and the advanced rider. It is also an excellent tool for workout. With the board, you can improve your basic skills if you’re a beginner while you feel the surf.

2. Hyperlite 2019 Bucket Chucker Wakesurfer Blank

Our rating: 6 / 10

Hyperlite 2019 Bucket Chucker Wakesurfer Blank

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  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable

& 5.2

Our top pick comes from Hyperlite. It’s the all-new Bucket Chucker Wakesurfer. The board is constructed using low-rocker shape with a wide tip and tail coupled with a concave bottom deck that makes surfing easier. What’s special about this board is that it gives you the ability to ride higher on the water for better control and grip.

The deck’s width and soft chines allow you to carve out a corner on a larger wave, and as for the construction of the board, it’s built w/ a polyester core, wood stringers, a fiberglass laminate, and comes equipped with a fiberglass and biaxial fiberglass deck. To complete this board you’ll get the traditional grip traction pad.

3. O'Brien Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board

Our rating: 5 / 10

O'Brien Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board

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The Ronix O'Brien Fx2 V2 Wakesurf Board has been designed for beginner wakesurfers. But this board has one of the most ergonomic designs available in the market. It's lightweight and affordable too.

It is 7-inch thick, and this makes the board ideal for riders who are new to wakesurfing.

It also has a polished surface that is easy to slide. The board is made of lightweight composite and this is another excellent feature for this board.

4. Ronix Hover Board 42" Wakeskate White

Our rating: 5 / 10

Ronix Hover Board 42" Wakeskate White

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  • Very solid construction
  • Adjustable fins
  • Easy to control and fast

The RONIX WAKESKATE HOVR is 42-inch long and has a standard width of 11.25 inches. To add more comfort to the board, there is a channel and a 2-inch raised rail.

What makes this board attractive to different types of riders is the 10-degree wedge. Not only is it ideal for getting the board jumping properly but it also represents the perfect platform to learn how to WAKESURF. You can adjust the WAKESKATE HOVR to your liking with the use of the adjustable Center Fin System and the Side Fins.

As you progress to more challenging tricks, the Hyperglide nose and tail will give you the responsiveness you need.

5. Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate Sz 41in

Our rating: 5 / 10

Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate Sz 41in

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  • Works for most boards
  • High quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Good design


  • May not work well on thick boards
  • It may interfere with your bindings

The Ronix Collective Wakeskate comes with a universal fit that can be used for most board types. It’s highly recommended that you ask for Internet reviews for confirmation before making your final decision on this product. However, most people who use this wakeskate are quite impressed by it.

The easy-to-use design provides your board with an added spin for added fun. One issue that some people have is that they may feel that the Ronix Collective wakeskate doesn’t work well with some types of boards. But again, you should be able to ask for notes from users who have tried the product.

Another issue that a lot of users have with this product is the fact that it doesn’t work well once it’s attached to their board. They say that the major reason behind this is because this wakeskate mass interferes with their binding mechanisms.

6. Liquid Force Keen Wakesurfer 2020-52in

Our rating: 4 / 10

Liquid Force Keen Wakesurfer 2020-52in

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  • Durable
  • Easy to ride

The Keen wakesurfer is an excellent all-around ride when it comes to all the requirements of a wakesurfing. It’s a very powerful, easy-to-ride board that gives riders enough control to playfully slide around the wake while also being stable enough for more experienced riders to tackle some very aggressive tricks.

The Keen wakesurfer has a modified V design that’s particularly unique. This gives riders a high amount of stability while also supplying additional grip on the water. The Keen wakesurfer is one of the brand’s most popular wakesurfing SUPs.

7. Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

Our rating: 4 / 10

Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

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  • Good flat surface for beginners
  • Hip and tail rockers designed to deal with progression
  • Single to double concave channels for control
  • Comes with a balanced layup to optimize performance
  • comes with a Ronix Spider Shock

The Rove Karver is a wakeskate that offers an excellent way to start on the wakeskating market. It comes with an extremely affordable price tag along with easy to use design and construction. This board features a 3-stage rocker and an excellent flat deck design, which is great for those who aren't experienced.

This wakeskate includes some nice, responsive and durable components that are in line with the rest of the premium series. This skate includes Ronix's Capo Quadruple Fin system for better control.

Other noteworthy features in this wakeskate include a low swing weight. This wakeskate can easily handle beginners but is perfect for people who want to have at least some experience with similar products before moving on to a higher level.

8. Connelly 2019 Pure Wakeboard

Our rating: 4 / 10

Connelly 2019 Pure Wakeboard

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  • Price
  • Colors
  • Deck builder
  • Rail shape
  • Grip tape
  • Little rocker
  • Durability
  • Vibe


  • Some riders prefer a harder flex
  • Some riders want a board that holds onto the water better at high speeds

The Connelly Pure wakeskate is among the best entry-level wakeskates in its price range. The Pure wakeskate has a great price for beginners in wakeskating. The Flex and feel off the water are great, which is why the Pure wakeskate is great for beginners and more advanced riders alike.

Besides a soft flex, the Pure has a smooth riding sensation on the water, which is unlike any other beginner/cheaper wakeskate out there in it's price range.

9. Hyperlite 2016 HL Stylus 41" Wakeskate

Our rating: 3 / 10

Hyperlite 2016 HL Stylus 41" Wakeskate

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  • This is one of the most popular Wakeskate in 2016
  • Smooth and long lasting finish
  • Seamless and continuous rocker is absolutely phenomenal
  • Comes with great response and pop out of the water
  • Ideal for all skill levels

This Hyperlite 2016 wake skate is a great item, lightweight, durable, and it is easy to use by users of all skill levels. It makes the perfect choice for riders on the Pro, aspiring Pro or for beginners.

Depending on your level of skill, the Hyperlite offers various levels of performance. The rocker of this board is seamless and continuous and this helps power riders as well as those who will be using the board to cruise down the lakes with.

It also comes with a concave deck which sets the frog foot holes in a slight recessed position that prevents water from getting in on the deck.

10. Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurfer

Our rating: 2 / 10

Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurfer

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  • A top quality construction
  • Insanely fast and smooth
  • Amazing design that attracts attention

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes the best wakeboards?

Is Hyperlite a good wakeboard brand?

What is the difference between Ronix and Hyperlite?

Both brands offer a ton of different kinds of wakeskates, which is why they continue to be among the best in the industry. Ronix is known for their softer skate shoes, where Hyperlite stands out due to their stiff styles.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re a beginner with a more laidback approach to wakeboarding, Ronix is definitely the right choice. However, if you wish to have something a little faster, Hyperlite wakeskates are a great choice for you.

Are CTRL Wakeboards good?

Many wakeboarders use CTRL boards and they have lots of experience with them. They’re a good and affordable brand for all levels of wakeboarders. These boards are short, stiff, and have nice features which make them an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate level riders.

What is the best wakeboard for a beginner?

It's a real good idea to see how a wakeskater performs first before you make your purchase. Ask your local pro shop or check the Internet for a demo, if you can't find one ask around at your local skate park.

This question is probably the toughest question because everyone has a different style; however, here are several wakeskate styles. If you want an aggressive wake style I recommend the Ronix One. If you want one of the best wakeskates around go for the Hyperlite CWB MacKenzie. If you want a great budget board the Liquid Force Watson is the board for you. If you have a strong acrobatic style go with the Ronix Cadet and if you just want a board that does just about everything then the Liquid Force Watson is also a great option. If you want a just, one board quiver the Apollo Flashback is an excellent idea.


Just like the pro-surfer, we expect the wakesurfer to be comfortable, stable, responsive, and most importantly…FUN! We rode all the top wakesurf boards side by side at the cable park to give you a detailed review of what it’s like to surf our cable park. We look at each of the board’s features like the shape, the fins, the color, and the graphics, then we look at the different rail sizes and shapes. Get ready! The 2019 wakesurfer review printed all the bells and whistles.

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ZUP YouGo BoardBest OverallZUP YouGo Board
Connelly 2019 Pure WakeboardBudget PickConnelly 2019 Pure Wakeboard