Top 8 Best Wakesurf Shapers | 2021 Reviews (Swell, Sylvan)

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Water wakesurfing is a nice way to add some fun to your boat ownership. It allows extra people to jump on board without adding weight. It is also a great way to entertain the crew when the day turns to night and the water starts getting chilly.

Wakesurfing is the art of riding a wakeboard behind a boat while moving at high speeds. There are a huge variety of wakesurf boards available in the market today.

When choosing a wakesurf board there is one thing that stands out as important to all riders, the list of the best wakesurf shapers we reviewed below:

  • Swell Wakesurf Shapers
  • Sylvan | Cabela’s
  • Premier Wakesurf Shapers
  • Clutch Surfboards
  • NXT Surf
  • Liquid Force
  • Liquid Force
  • Ronix

This is list is compiled of all of the most popular wakesurf shapers today.

When anyone is in surfing gear, no matter what sport, these are the things that will have the most important impact on your performance.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to put this list together.

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake ShaperBest OverallLiquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper
Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake SystemBudget PickSylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake System
Ronix 'Eight.3'Upgrade PickRonix 'Eight.3'

1. Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper

Our rating: 9 / 10

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper

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  • Makes a great base for building a custom deck
  • Solid construction
  • Produces a lot of pressure in the bowl to help pull you up on the wake
  • Super easy to install
  • Good basic shapes


  • – Not specific to wakesurfer creation – Not as easy to use if you're not a beginner


The Wakesurf Edge Pro 2 is a god base shape for those wanting to build their own custom deck. If you don't want to spend the money for a custom shaped board, and your weight and height are not too great, this is a good shape. The construction is solid, and it's easy to install. There is also a ton of pressure on the bow to help pull you up the wake and off the back end. Don't expect to be pulling off any huge slash grinds if you are an amateur, but you will be popping up and riding off the back end more easily. The foot pegs are also an excellent feature, especially used in conjunction with the ladders – they allow you time to get your feet on the board and off the ladders before you're ready to ride off the back end. Use these features with confidence – they work, and you'll be able to step off the back of the boat much more easily.

2. SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper

Our rating: 8 / 10

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper

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  • Easy and inexpensive way to enjoy wakesurfing, wakeskating, kneeboarding, and bodyboarding
  • Can create huge waves, liquid mountains, and even surfable walls for wakeboarding
  • A cinch to inflate
  • Five minutes to create a 16" wave
  • Adjustable valve for strong or light wake
  • Extremely durable
  • Handles small to large waves well
  • Advanced storage bag
  • 45" long x 16" wide
  • Heavy-duty durable PVC and heavy-duty construction

Affordable, Return to Water.

3. Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Surf Shaper Wave Generator

Our rating: 7 / 10

Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Surf Shaper Wave Generator

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  • sturdy, sturdy enough to stand on for some small people
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The design is attractive
  • This doesn’t look too big
  • You can get 3 of them coiled up in a really small space


  • It’s not completely round, so you do have sharp points where the tubing comes together
  • Another thing is the handle locking system. There’s a handle above the basket. You can’t see it when you’re looking down on it. You have to be looking above at the handle to see the little lock thingy
  • There’s also a handle at the other end of the basket, so what I did is tape a piece of PVC pipe onto the pole, and I’ve got an extra piece of PVC pipe over the handle, so I can pick it up and wheel it around
  • It’s over 2 feet tall. So, take that into consideration if you’re going to get this and put it somewhere where it’s going to be behind your boat in the water

4. MISSION Delta Universal Wakesurf Shaper

Our rating: 6 / 10

MISSION Delta Universal Wakesurf Shaper

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  • patented design is fun and simple to build with
  • durable as well as safe with metal-stake construction
  • simple to pack away in a small storage bag
  • light enough to carry a long way to the water
  • water level adjustable on a whim


  • construction can be finicky, as plenty of water can leak in
  • can be difficult to drill holes in the hard plastic with the sharp, dull hole-drilling bit
  • too low to the water could be dangerous if there were a high-footer
  • the bottom might not be entirely level, so it may not work perfectly in the surf

This nifty little contraption could have a couple of snags here and there, but overall, it is excellent for the price. It’s cost-effective for those who just want to have a bit of fun with family and friends. Its printable instructions make it easy to assemble. The shaper is relatively light and can be carried for a mile. It’s stable and strong enough to support a grown man and you can adjust the size of the platform for an extra-fun surf session. The Mission Delta Universal Wakesurf Shaper is relatively inexpensive and one of the more popular shapers out there for its price.

5. Tidal Wake GENR8 Portable Wake Shaper Wakesurf System

Our rating: 6 / 10

Tidal Wake GENR8 Portable Wake Shaper Wakesurf System

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  • Reversible, Floating Molded Fin Allows for Port or Starboard Installation
  • Four Four-inch Wake Profiles With Adjustable Power via a Battery Rope-Draw System
  • Stable, Non Skid Base for a Seamless Transition Off the Slope
  • Stores Flat for Convenient Compact Storage on a Boat Trunk or Bow (Not Included)
  • Quick and Simple to Set Up
  • Meet Weight Capacity of 300 lbs


  • Strap design needs improvement
  • Plastic Used is Cheap

Skate / Wakeboard Tower, Slow Boat.

The Tidal Wake Shaper is a great addition to small waves, making them into fun sized wakes.

Shaped by hand to produce a smooth wake, it is easily portable for boaters looking to add excitement and fun to their limited-sized waters.

6. Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake System

Our rating: 6 / 10

Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake System

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  • Although this wakesurf gate shaper is not entirely cheap, it does deliver a lot of features for its price
  • It comes with a lightweight build and a compact design
  • The added weight also gives it a higher riding height under the rope
  • This set comes with many extras including an inflatable floor, tether, ballast bag, and more
  • It comes with a 2018 design, which is a great improvement from its previous version
  • You can slide the stock wheels to make a smaller set
  • It’s very easy to use
  • The set comes with a manual pump


  • The tilt on this model is definitely not as much as some buyers would like
  • The tilt has been adjusted to meet the needs of rope levels up to 6 feet or higher

7. Lake Surfer Wake Surf Shaper

Our rating: 4 / 10

Lake Surfer Wake Surf Shaper

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  • Excellent for younger and less experienced users
  • Easily store your ride
  • You can use it on any boat with a tower
  • You can simply hook it up once you reach the right spot
  • Safe for all users
  • Ideal for kids and novices
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Cool special effects
  • Allows for smooth transition of wakeboarding to surfing
  • Great for instructional videos


  • May be hard to store with a variety of other sporting equipment
  • Just another piece of equipment
  • Some users may experience the wakeboard not staying at the right angle for surf mode
  • You really need a boat to use with this
  • You may have difficulty finding a smooth surface to wake surf

8. Ronix 'Eight.3'

Our rating: 2 / 10

Ronix 'Eight.3'

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  • Fantastic Design
  • Very Durable Blade
  • It stands up to abuse from many Wakeboarders before needing to be replaced
  • It has a very long life expectancy (6-12 Months on average)


  • The cupped surface can get easily damaged with small impacts or from being dragged along the bottom of the water
  • It is not an affordable piece of equipment if you are on a tight budget
  • It can be difficult to install ¦ if you get the design wrong, it might prevent the board from releasing from the mold.

L. (1 Pcs) * Best Wakesurf Shaper

Some users have complained that the design is not very flexible, and that it is not a good design for the beginner surfer.

9. Roswell Marine Deflector Wake Shaper

Our rating: 1 / 10

Roswell Marine Deflector Wake Shaper

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  • Allows to go larger faster (due to a larger pulling surface)
  • Allows you to use your boat longer (due to lower waves)
  • Will not work on all boat hulls (may not work well with some cuddy cabin or bow rider hulls)
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes per boat hull (Roswell Marine has separate deflectors for many different boats)


  • Takes lots of storage room (each boat hull takes 1-2 of them)
  • Spreading pressure across a larger area makes the boat feel more stable (less jittery)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Wakesurf shaper?

A good wakesurf shaper will shape your favorite board with the ease of a hot knife through butter. You’re able to dial-in your board so that it paddles and planes perfectly. It’s also going to have a consistent rocker line so that you can make it carve and pop predictably. This is another form of customization. It’s about designing your ride!

Each boat manufacturer uses different construction techniques, materials, and flat-out design concepts. They are also all great at tuning their boards so that they meet your desires out on the water. However, there’s nothing like customizing your own board to get the perfect ride for YOU.

There’s a lot of freedom in choosing how you want your board to look, feel, and perform, which is why surfboard shapers are such a great concept.

What is the best Mastercraft for surfing?

Mastercrafts are boats with the capacity for massive amounts of speed, and therefore, they are necessary for watersports like waterskiing and wakeboarding. They’re around 20 to 25 feet in length and feature large hulls in order to encase multiple boat engines. Mastercrafts can go much faster than other boats, and therefore, can pull stunt rolls. More common than Mastercrafts, however, are smaller, quicker speedboats called Wakeskips.

When many people think of a Wakeskip, they think of the Pontoon boats that they’ve seen in movies. True Wakeskips are quite similar to these but are even smaller and lighter, and thus, more agile. They’re faster than a Mastercraft and can easily do some stunts. Wakeskip stats are approximately 45 to 50 feet in length.

What is the best speed for Wakesurfing?

Nowadays there are a lot of high quality wakesurf boards on the market. I would recommend you to buy a good wakesurf board, it can cost you a little more, but you will get more satisfaction after trying it. And you can even make a little money out of it.

So you find one that is easy to control, that will give you a smooth ride in the water without too much effort. The best speed for wakesurfing is between 18-21 mph.

If you get over 21 mph, then you will feel a little too unstable on the board doesn’t do it to me. If you find that you just can’t get above that speed, then you need to look into purchasing some more powerful engines.

How do you make the best Wakesurf wave?

To make the best wake surf wave, you will need a few things:


The title read Best Wakesurf Shapers, and, depending on who reads this article, they will have a different idea of why you’re looking at shapers! For some, it’s just for wakeboarding. Others may want to shape a wakesurf board that they may have built elsewhere. Whatever your motivation for reading, I’m positive you have one.

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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake ShaperBest OverallLiquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper
Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake SystemBudget PickSylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake System
Ronix 'Eight.3'Upgrade PickRonix 'Eight.3'