Choosing the Right Surfboard Fin [2022 Update] + Guide

Flo Farmer
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Surfboard Fin Types: Your Detailed Guide

In this post, we’re clearing up some of the ambiguity around surfboard fins.

First, let’s get something out on the table. Surfboard fins are not rocket science. Better fins don’t automatically guarantee better performance.

While that may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people interpret their poor performance in the water to a fin that’s too small, too big, too hard, to soft or simply to vertical.

The truth is that surfboard fins play a minimal role in your performance and all they do is provide tracking and stability. Think of them as the rudder of a boat. They keep your board going the direction you want it to go, and they keep you in the center of your board.

To help you better understand surfboard fins, we’ve collected all the available information as well as a range of fin charts to help you make the right decision.

What is the difference between a swappable (Removable) and a glassed-in fin?

Swappable or removable fins offer convenience and price advantage, but are know