Hybrid Surfboard (7'7

Top 9 Best Mid-Length Surfboards | 2021 Review (Chilli)

There’s a range of options for mid-length surfboards in the market these days, and they are easier to carry around than longboards. In order to help you pick the best surfboard for your needs, we’ve put together a list of some of the best you can get in 2019.

Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard | Handshaped, Fun & Easy to Ride | 5'6

Top 6 Best Egg Surfboards | 2021 Reviews (Wave Bandit, BIC)

The egg-shaped hydrofoil emerged in the mid-1980s after Bill Dixon, a San Diego bottle collector, assembled his children’s slippery swimming pool toys into a design that could carry him into the waves. Surfing got over-saturated with this design in the 1980s. Now many years later, they have returned onto the — not only on the … Read more